Fishing Lodge in French Polynesia

An exclusive destination on a private island in the Tuamotu archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After a long flight directly from Europe, you will arrive in Papeete, the capital of Polynesia, on the volcanic island of Tahiti located in the windward group of the Society Islands archipelago. (archipelago of the Wind), We suggest to stay here at least one or two nights to recover from the journey and to seize the opportunity to visit the island, the Paul Gauguin museum and maybe the nearby island of Moorea. Then with a short flight you will reach a remote atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago, and from a landing place in the quaint village, after half an hour boat trip, you will finally reach our fantastic island. Here you will be welcomed by the Lodge staff, set in the lush vegetation of the island, right in front of a wonderful beach, equipped for guests’ use.

The fishing Guides will take you every day to the wonderful flats around the island, which are usually very little fished, especially with fly fishing. So the fishing sessions will be characterized by an incredible abundance of catches. In this pristine environment you will have the opportunity to meet a multitude of sporting fish: numerous Bonefish, various types of Trevally (including Giant Trevally), large variety of Triggerfish, Long Nose Emperor, powerful Barracuda and many Snapper.

In this part of Polynesia, the climate is pretty good all year round, with an average rainfall much lower than in all the other archipelagos. The winter period runs from May to September (with temperatures always between 20 ° and 27 °), while the summer period (wet season) runs from October to April. Here the possibility of cyclones is very low, since we are at the eastern geographical limit in which they can form (usually between mid-January and the end of March), consequently they are less frequent in these islands than in all other areas of the Pacific. So, even if the fishing season here runs practically all year round, to organize a fishing trip or just a holiday, we have to consider that in the summer the fish is slightly more abundant and the days are a little longer, while during the Southern winter the climate is drier and the days a little shorter.

Lodge in French Polynesia
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Since it has been given to us exclusively for Italy and the United Kingdom, we are planning several fishing trips to verify the exceptional fishing potential in this wonderful and remote corner of Paradise, maybe together with family and friends.

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