Fly fishing in Mongolia for Hucho Taimen, Lenok & Amur trout and Grayling

This journey will take you to faraway and very little frequented wilderness, once dominated by Genghis Kahn. Our organization has an on-site contact person who has been operating for many years and is an expert on several rivers inhabited by the mythical Hucho Taimen, Lenok and Amur trout, Grayling and many other sporting fish.

The wild Taimen (Hucho Taimen) is the largest salmonid in the world, historically reaching a length of 6.5 feet (198 cm) and a weight over 200 pounds (90 kg). Taimen is a predator at the top of the food chain, and is present with a very different average percentage compared to all other species. In fact, if we consider that the same stretches of river are probably inhabited by hundreds or thousands of Lenok and Grayling, this constitutes a very low density population of Taimen.

Here is a collection of photos from our trips to Mongolia

Central Mongolia - June 2024
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North East Mongolia - June 2023
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North East Mongolia - June 2019
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We offer 4 fishing itineraries in different areas of the country:

  1. Trip to the North East of Mongolia – Small Remote River + Onon River – Fish present: Taimen +++, Lenok trout, Amur trout, Grayling, Whitefish.
  2. Trip to Northern Mongolia – Delger Morum River – Fish present: Taimen +++, Lenok trout, Grayling.
  3. Trip to the North West of Mongolia – Selenge River Basin – Fish present: Taimen +++, Lenok trout, Amur trout, Grayling, Whitefish.
  4. Trip to West of Mongolia – Rivers and lakes of the Kazakh province – fish present: Mongolian grayling, Lenok trout, Pike, Whitefish and Perch.

Example of itinerary (NE Mongolia):

Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia) early in the morning – Airport reception and transfer to the hotel – Lunch and in the afternoon visit to the city (Mongolian museum + Dinosaur museum) – Shopping and dinner.

Day 2: Early morning transfer (with stops every 2/3 hours) on dirt tracks and on grasslands – Evening arrival at the Ger tourist camp (alternatively if the timetable allows it, direct transfer to the camp (wooden cabin) on the river .

Day 3: If not already done, transfer to the river camp – Fly fishing in a secret river to catch Taimen, Lenok trout, Amur trout and Grayling. Lunch on the river and dinner at the camp.

Days: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Fly fishing in various targeted spots from Taimen early in the morning, then go downstream or upstream the river fishing dryfly (terrestrials) or nymph in search of Lenok, Amur and Grayling – Presence of Taimen spots along the river – Riverside lunch (packed or typical meal of Mongolian nomad shepherds), return to the camp for a shower (in a tent), dinner in the Cabin or outdoors, evening with friends around the fire, talking about fishing day experiences and catches.

Day 10: Transfer to the Onon river for half a day fishing with lunch on the river – Evening overnight in the Ger tourist camp (characteristic Mongolian tents) – Dinner at the camp restaurant.

Day 11: Transfer to return to the capital – Stop to visit the large equestrian statue of Genghis Kahn with a small museum, meadows for horse riding, archery and other attractions – Evening arrival at the hotel – Dinner in a typical Mongolian Barbecue restaurant – Feedback and opinions on the trip – Night in the Hotel (very central for possible walks in the heart of the city)

Day 12: Early morning transfer to the airport for the return flight to Italy.

Here is a collection of images taken in the different destinations by our Mongolian partner:

Fly fishing in Mongolia
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