If you are dreaming of a holiday in the wonderful atolls of the Maldives Islands, fly fishing or spinning for Giant Trevally (known as GT), various species of trevallies (including Bluefin and Golden), Triggerfish in the coral reefs and other predators, and mostly with a very cheap rate, this is your place!!!

The Lodge is located on a small fishing Island, in an atoll about 2 hours away by fast boat south of Malé, the capital of the Maldives, where all international flights arrive. The main building houses the restaurant and the breakfast area, a small living area and offices. Then there are two other “Villas” that house the rooms, all with double + single bed: 4 Deluxe, 3 Superior and 2 Standard.

Maldives Main Island & Lodge
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The fly fishing and spinning fleet is made up of the characteristic Dhingee, small outboard motor lances that can accommodate 2/3 fishermen in addition to the Captain and the Guide, and a slightly larger Center Console. In addition there is also a well equipped Fishing Dhoni available for guests who love tropical trolling and popping.

Fishing (sessions of about 8 hours) is organized as follows: meeting with the guides at the docks around 7.00-7.30 in the morning after breakfast. Transfer to fishing areas which can be: endless flats of gin-clear water for sight fishing in wading, emerging reefs protecting the atoll from ocean waves, or a few spots where you can fish from the boat. Every day in search of Giant Trevally (GT), Bluefin or Golden Trevally, various types of Emperor, Triggerfish, Groupers, Reef Sharks, and many more. Outside the atoll, with favorable sea, you can find large feedings of various types of Tuna, Wahoo, Giant Dolphinfish and other pelagic predators such as Sailfish and Marlin.

Return to the island in the afternoon, equipment washing, private beach available or the possibility of further diy fishing on the island from beaches, reefs and from the docks.

Attention, the Lodge is perfectly equipped to offer a typical relaxing beach holiday, with a lot of activities for families (even with children), couples and any accompanying persons!

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