Huchen Cup

Promotional event (fly and spinning) fishing for Hucho Hucho – Sava River – Slovenia

Registration now open for the 4th edition of the International HUCHEN CUP!

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The Wandering Angler Ltd. team is a partner in the International Huchen Cup since its 2nd edition on February 2019. It is a 3-day non-profit event that brings together friends and customers of our organization (and from our partner Cast & Believe team) from different European countries. The event is organized with the participation of several Partners who support the need to act united for the protection of our last “free-flowing” European waterways, sadly and frequently bounded by large dams, and which are the natural habitat for the wild Hucho Hucho, the Danube salmon.

 Hucho Hucho fishing season from 1st October to 14th February each year.

Video from SKY 236 PESCA Channel, shoot during the III Huchen Cup, December 2019.

Images from the third edition Huchen Cup, December 2019

III Huchen Cup - December 2019 (with SKY Pesca 236 Channel)
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Images from the second edition Huchen Cup, February 2019

II Huchen Cup - February 2019
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During the event, which is highlighted by local and international media, a sort of “round table” also takes place with various environmental organizations to discuss the future of “our waters”. Furthermore, a peaceful protest is always organized on the Sava River, against the “Dams lobby” on the rivers!

It is a friendly team competition (divided into nations) where each team consists of two fishermen. For each day of the tournament, each team is assigned a certain stretch of river. The winning team can achieve highly coveted prizes, including fishing trips and a handcrafted rod specifically designed for Hucho fishing, while all participants are honored with rich gadgets.

The tournament schedule:

• 3 days of Hucho fishing tournament in the best stretches of Europe;

• 3 daily fishing permits;

• 3 minimum days stay;

• 3 days in Motel / Hotel with half board;

Tournament Rules

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