Sana river

Fly fishing and spinning for the Danube Salmon (Hucho Hucho)

The Sana River is located in the river Una basin area, the largest river in Bosnia. Wonderfully nestled between the “Rocks of the Dragon”, the Sana flows alternately on shallow waters (most of them wadable) and deep pools (home of the largest Hucho Hucho), which together with the wonderful and varied vegetation give this river a very special charm. The banks are very pleasant to walk and easy to access, so you can quickly change places without great difficulty, offering the fisherman a multitude of possibilities without wasting precious time in fishing!

View of a Hucho Hucho stretch.
Top view of the Sana river, with the nearby gravel path to reach fishing spots.
One of the best Hucho Hucho spots on the Sana River, during the winter season.

Hucho Hucho fishing season in Bosnia: May 15th until the end of February.

A summer Hucho Hucho.

The Hucho Hucho population on the Sana River is excellent and our Catch & Release Exclusive stretch features more than one meter specimens. With the support of our best guides from the “Cast & Believe” team, it is quite possible to catch (and release) several fish in one day either by fly fishing (with single or double handed rods) or spinning! Good service and personal support complete the overall picture in a comfortable environment with a great atmosphere.

A nice Hucho Hucho hooked early in the morning with a fly!
Hucho Hucho shortly before release.
Velibor tempting Hucho Hucho on a spinning rod, with a fly fisherman behind him.

Accommodation is in the modern “Huchenangler Lodges”, located right on the banks of the river. On request, hotel accommodation is also possible, even for non-fishermen guests.

One of the Lodge accomodations.
Lunch stations right on the river!

We offer 8-day packages including:

7 nights with Bed & Breakfast in double occupancy (single occupancy on request), 6 full guided days of fishing, 6 fishing permits, assistance and transfers on site.

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