This trip will take you to Patagonia Argentina, in the Chubut province, to a prestigious brand new Lodge built on the banks of the Futaleufù river (also known as Rio Grande) fishing for the renowned rivers of the area, with the help of very expert fishing guides.

The Lodge can currently accommodate a maximum of 6 fishermen and its policy is that guests should be at their best and with their privacy. In fact, should up to 4 fishermen of the same group book, the owners undertake not to sell the remaining rooms, reserving the whole Lodge and its services only to these guests. The Lodge owners are planning to build two more rooms in order to expand the offer.

The Lodge

Argentina - Chubut Province - Lodge
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The standard program includes 7 nights (arrival on Saturday) with 6 full days (+ a half day) of fishing in the following waters of the Cuenca (basin) of the Rio Grande or Rio Futaleufù:

Rio Grande (Rio Futaleufù) – Arroyo Pescado – Green Lake – Rio Arrayanes – Rio Corcovado – Estrecho de los Mounstruos – Kruger Lake – Nacimiento Rio Frey – Larga Lagoon.

Eventually, thanks to an agreement with a lodge located in the Cuenca (basin) of the Rio Pico, there is the possibility of adding a few days of fishing in that area too.

Here are some photos shot during our scouting trip in March 2019:

March 2019 trip

Argentina - Chubut Province - March 2019
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