Amazon – Kendjam

Kendjam offers the first multi-variety Amazon fly fishing destination where an angler can target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters.

Kendjam is a hidden treasure protected from despoliation by the last guardians of the Amazon jungle: the Kayapó warriors! It is located near the headwaters of the Irirí river, in one of the most hidden areas of Brazilian Amazon: the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory. The river system, composed by the mystic Xingu river and its tributary Iriri river, runs over a huge granite base, which facilitates wet wading and many sight casting opportunities.

Overview of the Iriri River

Anglers can target various species (many of them unknown to most anglers from around the globe) using different angling techniques all in same run and pools. Imagine yourself in a clear water jungle river with many different options fornumbers of amazing and powerful Amazon species.

Peacock Bass – Tucunaré (Cichla cf. melaniae)

You could only find this endemic specie of Peacock Bass in the Xingu and Iriri River Basin. Their average size is around 4 to 9 pounds with some fish up to 15 lbs. They are the only specie of Peacock Bass that prefer moving water more than dead water. Most of the time we sight fish for them using streamers and poppers, with a 6 or 7 wt rod.

Specimen of Peacock Bass endemic to the area (Cichla cf. melaniae)

Wolf fish – Trairão (Hoplias aimara)

The Wolf fish is the biggest of the Hoplias family and endemic of the Amazon Basin. At Kendjam, in the Iriri river, anglers will experience sight casting for 10-25 pounds Trairão in shallow water and tributaries. They act like hungry wolves chasing a piece of meat when you cast a popper or a big fly, jumping and fighting hard. We recommend a 8wt rod and floating line.

Double catch of powerful Wolf fish

Pacú (Tometes sp, Myloplus rhomboidalis, Myloplus rubripinnis)

We could find 3 different species of Pacú in Kendjam: Curupete, Seringa and Silver. These mighty Pacú eat insects, so they are a Jungle delight for trout anglers with a 4 or 5 wt rod. The Curupete Pacú (3-12 lbs.) is the perfect jumping target.

A Curupete Pacú .

Payara (Cachorra – Hydrolycus armatus)

The Payara or Vampire fish is a real challenge in Kendjam, we can see them rolling in schools early in the morning or chasing baitfish. This fishes has a hard mouth and fight really hard jumping a lot, so It’s not unusual to loose some of them just like a Tarpon. We use streamers and intermediate and sinking tip lines for the Payara which average size is 5 to 20 pounds.

The terrible jaws of a Payara

Matrincha (Yatourana – Brycon falcatus)

The Matrincha is pound by pound one of the strongest fish in Kendjam. Their average size (2-8 lbs) is perfect for 5wt rods with dry flies like hoppers, beetles and topwater attractors. They run and jump like crazy. Be prepared to get your backing off.

A nice Matrincha.

Bicuda (Pike Characin – Boulengerella cuvieri)

These fish are the real runners of the Iriri river. Their bodies and turbo boosted tails resembles a barracuda. They are a really aggressive topwater predator and the most exciting way to catch them is using topwater flies like poppers and pole dancers. The Bicuda in Kendjam average size 4 -10 pounds are the guarantee of pure adrenalin in your fishing day, a 7 wt rods is the perfect outfit for them.

A powerful Bicuda, very similar to a Barracuda.

The Lodge – Only 8 anglers per week will fish this magnificent area of more than 100kms of cristal clear waters.

The Lodge

The lodge is located in a wonderful Sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of Iriri river, 45kms downstream the Kendjam community. Every day our guests will be delighted by wonderful cuisine in a well-fashioned living and dining room. Satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service are provided for all our guests. There also a porch to enjoy the magnificent sunset at Iriri river.

Return to the lodge after an intense day of fishing
Children of the local indigenous tribe.

Fishing Season

In this region of Amazon, the Xingu and Iriri Basin, the fishing season normally runs from late May through November. The dry season is, the time when waters are at their lowest average levels and very clear, allowing great fishing throughout the entire river system, including its numerous tributaries. We will operate Kendjam during the best months of the low crystal clear water season which runs from mid June to late September.

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