Amazon – Tsimane

Explore your passion for fly fishing in the jungle wilderness of Bolivia!

Discover the thrill of fly fishing for Golden Dorado while wading in pristine mountain rivers surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

All fishing lodges, open from May to October, are located within the Isiboro Sécure Indigenous Territory & National Park, where an “Indian Communities and National Park’s fee is required.

Ancestral Knowledge: Listen to the native’s experiences. Learn from their culture. Share their passion for nature.

A native of a local tribe

We could offer 3 very confortable jungle Lodges located in stunning locations, built entirely from sustainable wood cut from the nearby jungle:

–  Agua Negra Lodge located on the Agua Negra river, sight fly fishing for big Golden Dorados in gin clear waters; fly fishing for Yatorana on tributaries with light fly tackle;

–  Sécure Lodge located on the Rio Sécure, at the headwaters of the entire TSIMANE river basin; fly fishing for big Golden Dorados; this is also one of the most productive areas to fly fish for large Pacu, “the freshwater Permit”;

–   Pluma Lodge located on the Rio Pluma in an area which allows you to fish in a great variety of waters, from the small stream to the large river; one of the best fisheries for the Golden Dorado and many other species;

A huge Golden Dorado
Marcelo with a nice Pacu, the “freshwater Permit”
A very big Yatorana

A magnificent landscape outside and a world-class accommodation inside! Haute cuisine and high class facilities provide our guests with a well-deserved break after adventure-filled days.

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