The Cocos or Keeling Islands (from the name of the British captain who discovered them in 1609), are an archipelago in Australian territory made up of 27 coral islands of which only 2 are inhabited (Home Island and West Island), located in the middle of the Indian Ocean southern Indonesia and northwestern Australia.

Our Lodge’s remote location on West Island gives you access to some of the best fly and spinning sport fishing in the world – from Trophy Bonefish to ExtraLarge GTs, plus a host of other species.

Fishing in the Cocos Keeling Islands (CCK), one of Australia’s most pristine locations, is second to nowhere else in the world, thanks to its secluded location making it the best fishing in Australia (and beyond) for species such as Bonefish, Triggerfish, GT (Giant Trevally) and many more!

The fishing spots are made up of inner reef flats and large sand flats on the inner side of the islands with a large population of XL size Bonefish. The Bonefish here at CCK are larger than those found in other parts of the world, with an average size of 65/80 cm and a weight of 6/10 lbs. with lots of trophy fish (double digit) hanging around the flats.

Other target species that may frequently be encountered are: Permit, Bluefin Trevally, Bump-head Parrotfish, Coral Trout, Barracuda, Red Bass, Emperor, Milk Fish, Cod, Maori Wrasse and potentially Dogtooth Tuna.

The fishing season runs from November to March, you can fish both fly and spinning and packages of 7, 10 and 14 nights are available.

Our newly built West Island Lodge currently accommodates only 4 anglers in two twin bedrooms; but an expansion is expected soon, given the constant requests to fish in this paradise.


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