ARGENTINA – Salta Province

Fly fishing for the Golden Dorado

This journey will bring you to a mountainous region in the north-west of Argentina, in search of the mythical Golden Dorado (Salminus Brasiliensis), an exceptional predator to catch with a fly! You can fish it in crystal clear waters, either by wade walking up small stream-like rivers (with #6 / #7 float rods), or by drift boating in a much larger river (with more powerful float rods #7 #9) both with fly fishing and spinning technique; all this with various imitations like Deceivers, but above all with mice patterns patinated on the surface that will cause heart-pounding attacks!

ARGENTINE - SALTA Province - Golden Dorado fishing
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Moving through pristine private lands, you will have the opportunity to encounter the wildlife that will accompany this spectacular journey, such as Toucans, Jabalina pigs, Tapirs and many others.

Two expert fishing guides for every 4 fishermen will help you catch the “River Tiger” by practicing a rigorous Catch & Release!

The fishing season is divided into two periods: from March to May and from August to November. While the fishing programs are all customizable starting from 4 nights with 3 full days of fishing, in a wonderful Lodge of almost 2000 square meters built in 2007 and recently renovated, which together with another new building, located closer to the fishing areas, will be the base for the fly fishermen!

ARGENTINA - SALTA Province - Golden Dorado Lodge
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